Personality Development and Communication
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To disseminate knowledge for building and enhancing the inevitable communication and personality development skills.


Block 01 Principles of Communication

Unit 1: Communication: Introduction, meaning & definition

Unit 2: Listening Skills

Unit 3: Oral Skills

Unit 4: Non – Verbal Communication

Unit 5: Public speaking, Interview Skills and Dress Mannerism

Block: 02 Personality

Unit 6: Perception, Assertiveness and Attitude

Unit 7: Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Unit 8: Importance of Discipline, Time Management and Punctuality

Unit 9: Gestures and Body Language.

Unit 10: Handling the camera. Video and still Photography

Block: 03 Tour Guides & Personality

Unit 11: Preparing a tour report, Preparing Feedback Forms

Unit 12: Seeking Site Knowledge. Sources of Information

Unit 13: Use and Misuse of History in Guiding

Unit 14: Understanding the cultural gaps between tourist and hosts in linguistic attitudes

Unit 15: Personality Development & Communication skills: Relevance in Tourism

Block: 04 Case studies

Unit 16: Commentary of Historical Monuments – A case study of Taj Mahal, Lakhamandal

Unit 17: Commentary of Bharatpur Bird sanctuary & Jim Corbett National Park

Unit 18: Commentary on natural beauty- Goa & Nainital

Unit 19: Skill variation amongst various guides Adventure, Eco, City

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Business communication, Bhagwati Prasad & Jain, Himalayan Publishing House
  2. Business communication, Singh Mittal Garg, Ramesh Book Depot
  3. Business communication, Principles, Methods & Techniques Nirmal singh, Deep & Deep Publication
  4. Communication Management, S. Sharma & P.P. Singh, Deep & Deep sons