Tourism Resources: Cultural and Natural Resources
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To generate a sense of awareness and appreciation in the tour guides which can be further disseminated to the tourists’ thus permeating sustainable tourism practices.


Block 01 –Tourism Resources – An Introduction

Unit 1: Tourism Resources Inventory – Concept & Meaning

Unit 2: Characteristics of Tourism Resources

Unit 3: Classification of Tourism Resources and Tourism Product

Unit 4: Motivational Factors and Tourism Resources

Block 02- Conservation of Tourism Resources

Unit 5: Natural Resources of India

Unit 6: Socio – cultural Tourism Resources of India.

Unit 7: Manmade Tourism Resources of India

Unit 8: Preservation and Conservation Tools and Techniques

Block – 03 Tourism Resources of Uttarakhand

Unit 9: Adventure Tourism Resources of Uttarakhand

Unit 10: Religious and Spiritual Tourism Resources of Uttarakhand

Unit 11: Historical Places and Monuments of Uttarakhand

Unit 12: Major Fairs and Festivals of Uttarakhand

Block: 04 Biodiversity in Uttarakhand

Unit 13: National Parks, Sanctuaries and Biosphere reserves of Uttarakhand

Unit 14: Fauna of Uttarakhand

Unit 15: Flora of Uttarakhand, Medicinal Herbs

Unit 16: Responsible practices. Spreading Awareness

Block: 05 Culinary Delight of Uttarakhand

Unit 17: Culinary differences vis – a- vis regional differences.

Unit 18: Special Traditional Cuisines, Recipes and their ingredients: Garhwal

Unit 19: Special Traditional Cuisines, Recipes and their ingredients: Kumaon

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Lonely Planet, India
  2. Outlook Traveller,
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  4. Thandavan and Girish, (2006). Tourism Products-I, Dushyant Publishers, New Delhi.