Project Report
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To provide an opportunity and practical exposure to the learners to get a better understanding and a closer view of Tourism industry.



Suggested Training Schedule for Tourism Studies Students:

• Learners shall undergo a 2 months industrial training in a travel agency, tour operator or concerned organization approved by the respective study center.

• Travel agency, tour operators or other similar organizations to be requested to issue a certificate of completion to the trainee within their last three days of training.

• A performance appraisal form duly signed by the manager/head of the department/ supervisor under whose guidance the training has been completed.

Project Report


• Project report should be divided into two parts. The first part will comprise a brief description of the Organization; Photographs etc while for the other part students have to choose a topic of their choice relating to the Programme undergone.

• Student shall submit a training report of approximately 50 pages duly signed by the concerned head of the department, travel agency or organization within the stipulated time period given by the university.

• It shall also include a photocopy of the certificate of training issued by the respective organization.

• The Report shall remain an essential criterion for the award of marks for the industrial training.

• Report shall be submitted before the commencement of examination or on the dates as stipulated by the university.

DESIRED: Reports should contain pictures, charts, brochures etc. The Cover page of the Report should contain your name, hotel / travel agency / other organization, department & time duration

Suggested Readings: