Hotel Accounts
Year / Semester: 
2nd Year

Explain the meaning of Accounts in the hotel industry.


Block: 01 Accounting Concept & Systems

Unit 1: Accounting –

Introduction, basic concepts & Convention, Definition, Objects and Importance of accounting in hotel business, Classification of Accounts, Accounting equations, Journalizing, Posting into ledgers and balancing of ledger accounts

Unit 2: Subsidiary Books of Accounts – I :

Subsidiary journal purchase book, sales book, purchase return sales return, Cash book (2 columns and 3 columns)

Unit 3: Subsidiary Books of Accounts – II :

Petty cash book, Closing of Ledgers

Block: 02 Hotel Accounting

Unit 4: Uniform System of Accounting:

Introduction, Departmental Income & Expense statements.

Unit 5: Visitors Tabular Ledger :–

Meaning & Purpose, Preparation of VTL, Suitable Numerical Problems

Unit 6: Management Accounting:

Concepts, Functions tools & Importance

Block: 03 Final Accounts & Budgeting

Unit 7: Final Accounts

Introduction, Preparation with suitable numerical problems (without adjustments)

Unit 8: Budget

Meaning and Importance, types & steps in Budgeting, Cash Budget, basic, capital budget.

Unit 9: Financial Management:

Introduction, Meaning & Objective, Profit Maximization v/s Wealth Maximization, sources of finance.

Suggested Readings: 
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  6. Introduction to Accountancy by T.S Grewal.
  7. Cost Accounting by M. N Arora.
  8. Financial Management by I M pandey (Vikas Publication house)
  9. Financial Management by Rajiv Srivastava(Oxford Publication)