Accomodation Management
Year / Semester: 
3rd Year

Explain the role of Accommodation Management in Hospitality Industry.


Block: 01 Planning and Evaluating Front Office Operations

Unit 1: Forecasting Room Availability:

Useful data in forecasting, percentage of walk in, percentage of overstay, forecast formulas, room count consideration.

Unit 2: Budget for Operation:

forecasting of room revenue, estimating expenses, refining budget plans.

Unit 3: Evaluating for Operation:

Daily operation report, occupancy ratios, occupancy daily rate, and average rate per guest.

Unit 4: Credit Control:

Meaning of credit and objectives, hotel credit control policy, credit control measures.

Block: 02 Yield Management

Unit 5: Yield Management in Hospitality Industry:

Concept & Meaning, application in industry- capacity management, discount allocation, duration control.

Unit 6: Measuring Yield:

Potential average single rate and double rate, multiple occupancy percentage, rate spread, potential average rate, room rate achievement factor.

Unit 7: Elements of Yield Management:

Group room sales, transport room sales, food & beverage activity, special events.

Unit 8: Foreign Exchange, passport and visa:

foreign currency, passport regulations, passport and other valid documents.

Block: 03 Accommodation Control

Unit 9: Housekeeping Budgeting:

Concept and importance, the budget process, operational & capital budget, housekeeping room cost, housekeeping expenses.

Unit 10: Laundry Management:

In house laundry v/s contract laundry: merits & demerits, layout, laundry flow process, equipment, stains and stain removal, laundry detergents.

Unit 11: Contract Cleaning:

General, complete program, special, periodic, pricing a contract.

Unit 12: Planning trends in Housekeeping:

Planning guest rooms, bathrooms, suites, lounges, landscaping, planning for the provision of leisure facilities for the guest, boutique hotel concept.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Managing Front office Operation, Michael L. Kasvana
  2. Front office Management, Sushil Kumar Bhatnagar
  3. Hotel Management, Dr. B.K Chakarborty
  4. Hotel Front Office Management, James Bardi
  5. Sudhir Andrew, Hotel Housekeeping, TATA McGraw Hill.
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