Food & Beverage Management
Year / Semester: 
3rd Year

Explain the role of Food & Beverage Management in Hotel Industry


Block: 01 Concept of F&B Management

Unit 1: F&B Management:

Introduction, objectives, functions, responsibilities and constraints in F & B Management, cost & market orientation.

Unit 2: Inventory control:

Food & Beverage cycle, Nature of purchasing, duties of purchase management, importance of purchasing, purchase specifications, meaning objectives, receiving, cost control.

Unit 3: Operating yardsticks:

Introduction, food & beverage sales.ASP, f & b sales mix, restaurant planning.

Block: 02 Alcoholic Beverages and Basics of Bakery

Unit 4: Wine:

Introduction, definition, classification of wines, viticulture and viticulture methods, wine producing countries, food & wine harmony, storage and service of wine.

Unit 5: Beer:

Introduction, ingredients used Manufacturing, types, and storage conditions for the beer.

Unit 6: Bakery:

Principles of baking, basic baking techniques, basic sponges and dough’s.

Unit 7: Kitchen Hygiene:

HACCP principles, food handling, And storage.

Block: 03 Principles of Food production, vegetables and fruit

Unit 8: Different Stages of Vegetables and Pasta cooking,

(A) Changes in cooking:

Introduction and classification of fruits and vegetables

(B) Salads, dressing, accompaniments, meat:

Types and parts of salads, basic dressing, accompaniments, Meat; introduction, fish, poultry, butchery, bacon, ham, gammon, steak and game.

Unit 9: Commodities –

Introduction, herbs, seasoning, tea, coffee:

Suggested Readings: 
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  2. Sudhir Andrew, Food & Beverage Manual, Tata Mc. Hills, New Delhi.
  3. Vijay Dhawan, Food & Beverage Service, Frank Brothers & company, New Delhi.
  4. Krishna Arora, Theory of Cookery.
  5. Thangam E. Phillip., Modern Cookery.