Organization Behaviour
Year / Semester: 
3rd Year

Explain the role of Management in Hospitality Industry.


Block: 01 Management

Unit 1: Leadership and Communication:

Introduction, definition of leadership, theories of leadership, definition of communication, communication process, functions, types, forms, barriers, importance.

Unit 2: Directing and Motivation:

Nature & scope of directing, process, principles, the concept of motivation, theories, employee motivation.

Unit 3: Selection, Training and Performance Appraisal:

Introduction, selection process & methods, training & development, performance appraisal, employee evaluation, appraisal methods.

Unit 4: Staffing and Man Power:

Define staffing, importance, Manpower Planning, principles of staffing and other activities of staffing.

Unit 5: F&B Personnel:

Introduction, organizational hierarchy, job description, requirements from a food & beverage personnel, etiquettes & Manners, handling situation in a restaurant.

Unit 6: Planning and Objectives:

Introduction, define a planning, six P’s of planning, process of plan, classification of planning, limitations, MBO.

Unit 7: Forecasting and Decision Making:

Introduction, steps in forecasting, benefits, forms, limitations, decision making process, types of policies.

Unit 8: Organization:

Introduction, Meaning of organization, importance, organizational structure.

Unit 9: Line, Staff relationship:

Introduction, line relationship, staff relationship, line & staff conflict, delegation of authorities, process of decentralization, advantages & limitations.

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