Tourism Concepts and Principles
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To inculcate and provide a vivid image of principles and concepts of Tourism to the learners.


Block 1 Conceptual Meaning and Typology of Tourism

Unit 1: Tourism: Concepts and Perspectives:

Introduction, Changing Facets of Tourism, Different Approaches to the study of Tourism, The Importance of Managerial Perspective to the Study of Tourism, What is Tourism? Definition of a Tourist, Comprehensive Classification of Travellers, Difference between Travel and Tourism, Summary

Unit 2: Tourism Plant Facilities-Infrastructure and Superstructure:

Objectives, Introduction, Need for Development of Infrastructure, Touristic Infrastructure, Touristic Superstructure, Role of state in Development and Maintenance of Infrastructure and Superstructure, Types of Tourism, Forms of Tourism, Summary

Unit 3: Basic Components of Tourism:

Objectives, Introduction, Services and Tourism, Characteristics of Tourism, Basic Travel Motivators, Factors Influencing the Growth of Tourism, Components of Tourism, Elements of Tourism, Benefits and Costs of Tourism, Summary

Unit 4: Principles and Practices of Tourism:

Objectives, Introduction, Role of UN WTO in Promoting Sustainable Tourism, Tourism for Prosperity and Peace, Long-Term Prospects: Tourism 2020 Vision, A Tourism Model, Milestones in the Development of Tourism, Periods of Tourism, Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities, Trends in Tourism and Travel, Summary

Block 2 Growths and Development of Tourism

Unit 5: Growth and Development of Tourism in the world:

Objectives, Introduction, Travel through the Ages, Statistical Overview of Global Tourism Industry, Summary

Unit 6: Tourism Development in India after 2nd World War:

Objectives, Introduction, Formation of Tourism Development Committees, Tourism Information Offices, Statistical Overview of Indian Tourism, Summary

Unit 7: Diversification of Tourism Industry from Traditional to Non-Traditional Resources:

Objectives, Introduction, Development of Tourism, Traditional Tourism Resources, Non Traditional Resources, Paradigm Shift in Tourism Industry, Factors for Diversification of Tourism Industry, Summary

Unit 8: Alternative Tourism:

Objectives, Introduction, Mass Tourism, Alternative Tourism, Alternative Tourism- A New Approach for Tourism Promotion, Summary

Block 3 Tourism Systems and Industry Structure

Unit 9: Nature, Characteristics of Tourism Industry:

Objectives, Introduction, Tourism: Definitions, Classification of Tourism, Elements of Tourism, Conceptual Discussions, Global Tourism Scenario, Future of Tourism Industry, Summary

Unit 10: Tourism Industry- Dynamic and Static Nature:

Objectives, Introduction, Dynamic and Static Nature of Tourism Industry, Economic and Operating Characteristics of Tourism Industry, Summary

Unit 11: Tourism System- Basic Typology and Their Uses:

Objectives, Introduction, The Composition of Tourism Industry, Tourism as a Dynamic System, A Synthesis of Models of Tourism System, Summary

Unit 12: Structure of Tourism Industry and Destination Use:

Objectives, Introduction, Tourism Industry: Push and Pull Factors, Components of Tourism Industry, Destination, Destination Life Span, Tourist Visit and Impacts, Tourist Expenditure and Generation of Economic Benefits, Tourist Expenditure Pattern, Multiplier Effect and Tourism, Summary

Block 4 Tourism Demand and Supply

Unit 13: Determinants and Motivational Factors Stimulating Growth of Tourism:

Objectives, Introduction, Push and Pull Factors in Tourism, Motivation to Travel, When do People Travel? Determinants, Summary

Unit 14: Tourism Demand and Supply- Measurement Methods:

Objectives, Introduction, Tourism Demand, Tourism Supply, Unique Characteristics of Tourism Demand and Supply, Measuring the Tourism Demand and Supply, Summary

Unit 15: Tourism Statistics- Volume and Value statistics:

Objectives, Introduction, International Tourism at a Glance, Indian Contest- Volume and Value Statistics, International Tourism, Outbound Trends, Domestic Tourism Summary

Unit 16: Propensity of Travel:

Objectives, Introduction, Travel Propensity, Typology of Travel Propensity, Factors Affecting Propensity, Summary

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