Travel Agency And Tour Operation
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To impart knowledge regarding the operation and functioning of travel agency and tour operators.


Block: 01 History and Growth of Travel Agency

Unit 1: History of Travel Agency and Tour Operation:

Introduction, Evolution of Travel Agency, Early stage of Travel Agency Business, Landmark Period, Period of Innovation, Intra- Continental Tour, Inter - Continental Tour, Second Generation Thomas Cook Business, The great episode of John Mason Cook, Merger and Acquisition, Technology Driven Period

Unit 2: Growth and Development of Travel Agency and Tour Operation in India:

An Overview of Role of Travel Agency and Tour Operation, Pre- Independence Period, Post - Independence Period, Post Liberalization Period, Travel Intermediaries in India, Changing roles of Travel agents and Tour operators, Current Scenario of Indian Tourism, India’s Outbound and Inbound growth, A case study of Kuoni, Tourism Awards to Travel agents and Tour operators, Indian Tourism Offers New Business opportunities, Role of TAAI and IATO

Unit 3: Factors Responsible for Growth of Travel Sector:

Introduction, An overview of factors of Travel trade in early periods, Factors responsible for recent growth of Air Travel, E- booking: Change in Online consumer behavior, New direction of Indian civil aviation, Factor responsible for growth of road transport, Factor responsible for growth of water transportation, Factor responsible for growth of Indian railways, Socio Economic factors.

Unit 4: Travel agency and Tour Operation:

Contemporary Practices & Trends: Introduction, World Tourism, Current Trends in the management of Travel Organisations, Mergers and acquisition, Scarcity of trained and qualified manpower, constraints of financing, new search engines: A nightmare, Trends in mode of transport, consumer market, Contemporary practices in travel agency and tour operation sectors

Block: 02 Basic Aspects of Travel Operation

Unit 5: The Indian Travel Agents and Tour Operators- An Overview:

Travel Agents and Tour Operators History of India, Definition of Travel Agents and Tour Operators Business, Case studies, Indo- Asia Tours, The company at a glance, Thomas Cook Pvt. Ltd., Le Passage To India

Unit 6: Forms and Types of Travel Operation:

Concept of Travel Operation, Different types of Tour operation, Integration and linkages in the travel operation, Different functions in Travel operation, Travel Technology

Unit 7: Components and elements of Tour Operation:

Introduction, Components and elements of Travel agency and Tour Operation, Importance of Itinerary, Airline Ticketing and its importance, Marketing of Inbound and Outbound Tours, Importance of Accounting

Unit 8: International Conventions on Travel and Tour Operations:

Warsaw Convention, Chicago Convention 1944, Tourism Bill of Rights and Tourist Code, World Association of Travel Agents, Brussels convention on Travel Contract, Helsinki Accord, Athens Convention, International Council of Cruise Lines, Guidelines for medical facilities, Manila declaration on world Tourism

Block: 03 Role and Function of Travel Intermediaries

Unit 9: Linkages and arrangement with other Tourism Components:

Introduction, Tourism through ages, Components of Tourism, Sectoral Amalgamation

Unit 10: Travel Information and Counseling:

Introduction, Role of Communication in Tourism System, Mass Media techniques in Modern Times, Computer- an effective tool, Sources of Information

Unit 11: Documentation and Ticketing:

Introduction, Ticket- An overview, Ticketing- The Process

Unit 12: Itinerary Preparation and Tour Packaging:

Introduction, Tour Package, Case of India’s Tour Package, Case of Outbound Tour Package

Block: 04 Entrepreneurship in Travel Operation

Unit 13: Setting up of Travel agency and Tour Operation Business:

Introduction, Travel agency Business- Meaning and Definition, Tour Operation Business- Meaning and Definition, Procedures for the recognition and approval of a travel agency and tour operator

Unit 14: Role and Functions of Tourism Organisations:

Introduction, Government involvement in Tourism, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Other Inter related organization in Tourism, Indian Tourism Development corporation, State Tourism Development Corporation

Unit 15: Trade Association and Organisations in Travel Promotion:

Travel Trade Associations and organizations, Various Travel Trade Organisations, IATA, WTO, UFTAA, ASTA, WATA, TAAI, PATA, IATO

Unit 16: Present Business trends and Future prospects:

Introduction, Present Travel and Tourism Business trends, Future Prospects- A general Profile and Fcators responsible for the future prospects of Travel and Tourism Business

Suggested Readings: 
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