Travel & Transportation
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To educate learners regarding the transport system, role of various national and international organizations and the marketing.


Block 1 Introduction to Transportation System:

Unit 1: Characteristics of Transport System:

Objective, Introduction, Concept of Transportation- Meaning and Definition, Transports as a Product and its Functional Role, Elements of Transportation, Organizations in Transport Sector at the National Level, Characteristics of Transportation Services, Summary

Unit 2: Types and Modes of Tourist Transport:

Objectives, Introduction, Modes of Travelling, A Competitive Analysis, Modern Transport Systems Used in Tourism, Factors Affecting Visitor’s Choice of Mode of Transport, Summary

Unit 3: Landmarks in the Development of Transport Sector:

Objectives, Introduction, Transport Sector in Early Periods, Transport and Budgetary Allocation, Road Transport, Indian Railways since Independence, Water Transportation, Civil Aviation Sector in India, Summary

Unit 4: Tourist Transport System:

Distribution and Operational Requirements: Objectives, Introduction, Tourist Transport Distribution System, Tourist Transport Operations- An Introduction, Summary

Block 2 Various Modes of Transport

Unit 5: Air Transport: Origin and Growth in International Context:

Objectives, Introduction, Evolution and Growth of Air Transport, The Organization of Air Transport, Air Transport: Regulation, Deregulation and Strategies, International Air Transport Organizations, Air Transport in India- From Retrospect to Prospect, Summary

Unit 6: Surface Transport: Growth and Development:

Objectives, Introduction, Transportation, Road Transportation, Road Transportation in India: An Overview, Rail Transport, Indian Railways, Summary

Unit 7: Water Transport:

Evolution, Growth and Prospects: Objectives, Introduction, Water Transportation, Modes of Water Transportation, Coastal and Inland Waterways in India, Summary

Unit 8: Linkages and Inter Relationship between different Modes of Transport:

Objectives, Introduction, Transportation, Evolution and Growth of Transportation, Various Modes of Transportation, The linkages Among Various Modes of Transport, Tourism and Transport- The Interrelationship, Summary

Block 3 National and International Organizations

Unit 9: Role and Importance of IATA and ICAO in Development of Air Transport Industry:

Objectives, Introduction, History and Organization, Security, Tariff Coordination Process, Summary

Unit 10: Role and Functions of DGCA:

Objectives, Introduction, Role and Functions of DGCA, Development of Airport Infrastructure, Air Traffic Control, Summary

Unit 11: Contribution of ITTA in Growth of Indian Tourist Transport Industry:

Objectives, Introduction, Objectives of the Association, Eligibility Criteria, Application Form for Membership, Summary

Unit 12: Indian Railways and Tourism:

Objectives, Introduction, Setting up of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, Promotion of Domestic Tourism, Special Promotional Schemes, Summary

Block 4 Marketing of Tourist Transport

Unit 13: Demand and Supply Equation vis-à-vis of Tourist Transport:

Objectives, Introduction, Demand and Supply Functions, Unique Characteristics of Tourist Transport Demand and Supply, Summary

Unit 14: Promotion of Tourist Transport: Approaches and Techniques:

Objectives, Introduction, The Principles of Product Positioning, Establishing a Position, Creating the Positioning Statement, Examples of Positioning Statement and Strategies, The Role of Image in Buying Decisions, Summary

Unit 15: Effective Sales and Advertising for Tourist Transport:

Objectives, Introduction, Advertising, Steps of the Advertising Process, Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Trade-Oriented Sales Promotion, Summary

Unit 16: Marketing of Tourist Transport: Challenges and Prospect:

Objectives, Introduction, Managing Capacity and Demand, Measuring Current Market Demand, Forecasting Future Demand, Managing Capacity, Managing Demand, The Issue of Transport and the Environment, Infrastructure and Technology, Distribution Systems, Motivation, Trends, Types and Forms, Consumer Behaviour and Future Tourism, Summary

Suggested Readings: 
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