Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To familiarize students with the basics and essence of communication.


Unit 1: Principles Communication

Introduction, Meaning and Definition of Communication, Scope of communication, Nature of Communication, Process of communication-models and theories, communication Network, Types of Communication, Importance of Communication, Difference between oral and written communication, 7C’s and 4Ss

Unit 2: Listening skills

What is Listening? Definition of Listening, Meaning and Importance of Listening, Listening process, Types of Listening, Types of Faculty Listening, Barriers in Listening, Barriers in Listening, Why Barriers succeed. Bad Listening Habits, Guidelines for effective listening

Unit 3: Oral and Presentation skill

Introduction, Noise and Barriers to Communication, Listening, Feedback, and Telephone message, Guidelines for effective Oral Communication, Planning, Prepare, Practising, Presentation to different groups

Unit 4: Non Verbal Communication:

Introduction, What is non verbal Communication? Relationship of non Verbal message withverbal message.Types of Non-Verbal Communication, Paralanguage, Kinesies, Proxemies, Touch, Clothing, Time, Case study

Unit 5: Public Speaking, Interview Skills:

Selection of the Topic, Audience Analysis, Researching and Planning the speech, Organizing the speech, working the speech, Developing Confidence and Overcoming fear, Nature of interview, Process of Interview, Types of Interview, Successful Interview, Appearance ad Dress

Unit 6: Meeting and Conference:

Propose, Procedure, Planning and Arrangement of Meeting and Conference, Chairmanship, Participation, Physical Arrangement, Nature and Definition of Meeting and Conference, Types of Discussion Group, Regulating Speech. Organising Conferences, and Evaluating Oral Presentation.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Business communication, Bhagwati Prasad & Jain, Himalayan Publishing House
  2. Business communication, Singh Mittal Garg, Ramesh Book Depot
  3. Business communication, Principles, Methods & Techniques Nirmal singh, Deep & Deep Publication
  4. Communication Management, S. Sharma & P.P. Singh, Deep & Deep sons