FEG 01
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

The main objective of this course is to improve your proficiency in English, developing your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Block 1:

Units 1-4

Reading Comprehension: Passages from George Orwell: Animal Farm, and Indirs Gandhi’s speech on Human Environment. Stories: Oscar Wilde “ The Nightingale and the rose” and Milward Kennedy “ Death in the Kitchen”

Vocabulary: Distinction between words having related meanings; negative prefixes; phrases used to express comparisons; use of words and their opposites.

Grammar and Usage: Concord of number and person; be, do, have and other verbs, Tenses; the past indefinite, the past continuous, the present perfect continuous.

Writing: Writing a speech, completing a Paragraph with the help of outlines, rewriting a story from different point of view, continuing a story in different ways.

Unit 5-6

Listening Comprehension: Extracts from new bulletins and talks

Conversation: Dialogues; informal and formal situations

Pronunciation: Letters and Sounds; Words stress; English vowels

Block 2:

Units 7-10

Reading Comprehensions: Stories 1) Norah Burkhe: “ The Baby – Sitter” and 2) O. Henry- “Witches Loaves” Autobiography: from Indira Gandi” A page from the book of Memory’, Passage on “ The five kinds of workers’.

Exercises on Vocabulary

Grammar And Usage: Use of the Past Perfect Tense, the Simple present Tenes and the Present Continuous Tense: Ways of expressing the future; Articles : Types of sentences

Writing: Rewriting a story in an abridged form with the help of given sentence; writing short essays.

Units 11-12

Listening Comprehension: A lecture on, ‘ The burden of woman in the villages’ A talk on the “dreams”

Conversation: A dialogue between two passengers on a railway train; talking about the dreams one has had recently.

Block: 03

Units 13-16

Reading Comprehension: 1) Agatha Christie- ‘ The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metro Politan ( Detective Story) 2. Ved Mehta “ A world of Four senses’- Autobiography, 3) Deris Lessing “ A mild Attack of Locusts’ 4) Willacather- The affair at Grover Station ( Mystery story)

Exercises on Vocabulary

Grammar and Usage: Question Patterns, Prepositional Phrases, Participial Phrases, Phrasal Verbs, Relative Clauses, Adverbial Clauses, Direct and Indirect Speech.

Writing: Short narrative and descriptive compositions.

Units 17-18

Listening Comprehensions Talks: 1) Life of Albert Einstein 2) Anthony R Michaelis’ Science and Politics’.

Pronunciation: Consonants, Inflectional Suffixes, Contracted Forms

Block 4:

Units 19-22

Reading Comprehension: Betrand Russell: “ Science and uman Life’, L.P.Hartley: “ A High Dive’ Jawaharlal Nehru “ The Voice of India”

Exercises on Vocabulary

Grammar and Usage

Writing: Compositions based on the passages read; short essay.

Block 5:

Units 23-24

Conversation: Describing people, expressing agreement and disagreement; asking for directions; giving directions; invitations; accepting and declining invitations.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Jawahar Lal Nehru Speeches
  2. Secretarial Practice: D P Jain, Konark Publisher
  3. Office Organisation and Management: Arora, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Secretarial Practice: M C Kuchhal, Vikas Publishing House