Business Communication
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

The objective of the course is to understand Business communication and developing Business communication in the student.


Introduction to Communication

Meaning and Definition - Process - Functions - Objectives - Importance - Essentials of good communication - Communication barriers - Overcoming communication barriers

Types of Communication

Written - Oral - Face-to-face - Silence - Merits and limitations of each type

Business Letters

Need and functions of business letters - Planning & layout of business letter - Kinds of business letters- Essentials of effective correspondence

Drafting of business letters

Enquiries and replies - Placing and fulfilling orders - Complaints and follow-up - Sales letters – Circular letters - Application for employment and resume

Oral Communication

Meaning, nature and scope - Principles of effective oral communication - Techniques of effective speech- Media of oral communication (Face-to-face conversation - Teleconferences - Press Conference -Demonstration - Radio Recording - Dictaphone - Meetings - Rumour - Demonstration and Dramatisation - Public address system - Grapevine - Group Discussion - Oral report - Closed circuit TV). The art of listening - Principles of good listening.

Information Technology for Communication

Word Processor - Telex - Facsimile(Fax) - E-mail - Voice mail - Internet – Multimedia - Teleconferencing - Mobile Phone Conversation - Video Conferencing - SMS - Telephone Answering Machine - Advantages and limitations of these types.

Topics Prescribed for workshop/skill lab

i) Group Discussion

ii) Mock Interview

iii) Decision Making in a Group

iv) Written Communication

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Business Communication: Building Critical Skills by Kitty O. Locker and Stephen Kaczmarek.
  2. Business Communication: Process and Product by Mary Ellen Guffey and Dana Loewy.
  3. Business Communication (Harvard Business Essentials) by Harvard Business School Press.
  4. Essentials of Business Communication by Mary Ellen Guffey.
  5. Business Communication Today (10th Edition) by Courtland L. Bovee and John V. Thill.