Photoshop, Pagemaker, Coreldraw
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To Equip students with the knowledge of desktop publishing tools:Photoshop, Pagemaker and Coreldraw.



Starting PhotoShop

• Page Layout and Background • Opening an Existing File • PhotoShop Program Window • Guidelines for Working with Toolbox • Screen Modes • Creating a New File • Saving Files • Reverting Files • Closing files • Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu Settings

Working with Images

• Vector and Bitmap Images • Opening Recently used Files • Image Size • Editing Images • Opening Files created in Illustrator or Freehand • Color Modes • Setting a Current Foreground and background Colours • File Formats

Making Selections

• Making Selection • The Grow and Similar commands • Moving a Portion of an Image • Editing Selection • Copying a Selection into another Image • Filling a Selection • Transforming Selection

Painting, Drawing and Retouching Tools

• The Painting Tools • The Drawing Tools • The Retouching Tools


• Layers Palette • Working with Layers • New Layer via Cut • New Layer via Copy • Hiding/Showing Layers • Flattening Images • Working with Adjustment Layers • Layer Effects


• Creating Type • Type Tool • Moving the text • Creating paragra[h type • Resizing a bounding box • Changing the Type Setting • Converting Point type to paragraph Type • Converting Type Layers to Standard Layers • Type Masking


• The Filter Menu • Filter Gallery • Extract Filter • Liquify Filter • Vanishing Point filter • Artistic Filters • Blur Filters • Brush Stroke Filters • Distort Filters • Noise filters • Pixelate Filter • Lighting Effects • Difference Clouds • Sharpen Filters • Sketch Filters • Stylize Filters • Other Filters

Printing and Customization

• Import • Export • Automate • Printing • Customize Workspace • Creating an Action


Getting started with PageMaker

Working in PageMaker The PageMaker Window - Title Bar - Menu bar - Toolbar - Ruler - Palletes - Styles/Colours Palette - Control Palette - The Toolbox - Pasteboard - Page - Page Bar - Master Pages - Scroll Bar Working with Text - Entering the Text - Changing the view of the page - Working with Text block - Moving the text Block - Resizing the text Block Guidelines for Entering the Text Multiple Text Blocks - Removing Multiple Text Blocks - Importing Text - Deleting the Text Importing Graphics Saving the Publication

Editing Text

Opening an Existing Publication Making Changes in the Publication - Inserting a word in the middle of a line - Inserting a blank line The Story Editor - Opening the Story Editor - Finding a Word Searching by Format Replacing the text Checking Spellings in the Publication Closing the editor Correcting Mistakes Saving & closing the publication

Formatting Text

Changing the Font Changing the Font Size Making the text Bold Removing Boldface from the Text Italicising the text Removing Italics face from the text Underlining the text Removing underline from the text Aligning the text Tracking - Increasing/Decreasing Space between the Words of a Paragraph Kerning - Increasing/Decreasing the Space between the Letters of a Word Leading - Increasing/Decreasing vertical between the line of a Paragraph Style Sheets - Creating Styles - Applying a Style from the Style Sheet - Applying a Style using the Short cut menu - Importing Styles Bullets and Numbering

Master Pages

Adding Text to the Publication Auto flow Removing unwanted Text Blocks Master Pages Placing Elements on Master Pages - Placing guidelines - Placing Header and Page Number Creating Master Pages Applying a Master Page Removing a Master Page Editing a Master Page Creating a New Publication - Creating Separate Text Blocks - Applying Center alignment - Leading Working with Columns

Working with Graphics and Objects

Getting familiar with Graphics Tool Bar Creating Simple Graphics Adding Text to the Graphics Placing the Graphics on the Page Wrapping Text around a Graphic Importing Graphics Resizing a Graphics Moving a Graphic Adding Caption to the Graphics Cropping a Graphic Grouping and Ungrouping Elements Links Setting Default Link Options The Links Manager -Changing the Link Options Link status Re-establishing Lost Links

Managing and Printing a Publication

Page Orientation Page Numbering Page Size Dimensions Margins Tables of Contents - Setting heading levels for TOC - Creating a TOC Managing Book Printing a Publication


Starting CorelDraw

Creating a New File CorelDraw Screen - Title Bar - Menu Bar - Standard Toolbar - Work Area and Printable Page Property Bar - Page Counter Bar - Dockers Window - Colour Palettes - Toolbox - Status Bar Drawing Basic Geometric Figures - Drawing Freehand Lines - Joining Freehand Lines - Drawing Bezier Lines - Drawing Ellipses and Circles - Drawing Rectangles and Squares Drawing Polygon Saving & Closing File Opening an Existing corel Drawing Views - Normal view - Full Screen Preview - Simple Wireframe View - Wireframe View - Draft View - Enhanced View - Page Sorter View - Zoom View Manager Undoing, Redoing, and repeating actions

Drawing and Selection

Familiarity with the toolbox Getting started with the Project - Selecting an object - Resizing an object - Moving an object - Changing the Shape of an Object - Combining Two Objects - Skewing an object - Drawing a Polygon - Welding the objects - Blending two objects - Drwing a Curve Line - Drawing Straight Lines - Continuing a Line - Changing the view mode - Artistic Media tool - Rotating an object - Grouping Objects - Fill tool Fly out - Fountain Fill Dialog Tool - Filling an object with a Single Colour - PostScript Fill Dialog tool - Artistic Media Tool in Spray Mode Lines - Flow Lines - Dimension Lines - Formatting Lines and Outlines - Closing Multiple Line segments Objects Shapes - Trim - Intersects - Back minus Front - Front minus Back Transformations Docker - Positioning Object - Rotating - Scaling and Mirroring Objects Adding Effects to Objects - Perspective Effect - Extrusion - Drop Shadow - Distortion - Transparency of Objects

Working with Text

Text Tool - Artistic Text - Paragraph Text Book Cover Entering Artistic Text Entering Paragraph Text Converting from One Text Type to Another Formatting Text Changing the font Size of the Text Arranging Objects Ordering the Objects Changing the Font Applying Bullets Decorating the Text Webding Text Editor Opening the Editor Changing the alignment Changing the type Style Spell Checking the Text Checking Grammar of the Text Searching Synonyms The Find Utility Replacing the Text Editing Characters Kerning Text Formatting Individuals Characters Adding a Drop Cap Characters

Working with Images

Bitmap and Vector Images Importing Images Resizing, rotating and Skewing Images Copying an Images Importing Images from a CD Converting to Bitmap Adding Special Effects to Bitmap 3D Effects Art Stroke Blur Colour Transform Contour Creative Effects Distort Noise Sharpen Plug Ins Exporting Files to other Applications Publishing to PDF Managing colour for display, input and output Working with colour profiles Backup and Recovering File To specify AutoBackup setting To specify a Location for Backup files To recover a Backup file

Page Layout and Background

Changing the Page Size Changing Page Orientation Changing Paper Type Changing the Width and Height of Paper Changing the Page Layout Changing the Page Background Page Frame Adding a Page Frame Hiding the Page Frame Inserting Pages Renaming Pages Deleting pages Ruler Templates Creating New Template Editing a Template Loading styles from another Template

Painting, Drawaing and Retouching Tools

The Painting Tools - Brush Tool - Brush Tool Options - Creating a new brush - Pencil tool - Colour Replacement Tool - History Brush Tool - Art History Brush Tool - Gradient Tool - Paint Bucket Tool The Drawing Tools - Rectangle Tool - Custom Shape Tool - Pen tool - Freeform Pen Tool - Convert Point tool - Path Selection Tool The Retouching Tools - Spot Healing Brush Tool - Healing Brush Tool - Path Tool - Red Eye Tool - Clone Stamp Tool - Pattern Stamp Tool - Eraser Tool - Background Eraser Tool - Magic Eraser Tool - Blur Tool - Sharpen Tool - Smudge Tool - Dodge Tool - Burn Tool - Sponge Tool


Layers Palette Working with Layers New Layer via Cut New Layer via Copy Hiding/Showing Layers - Deleting Layers - Sorting Layers in the Layers Palette - Repositioning Layers - Merging Layers Flattening Images - Moving Layers between images - Linking Layers Working with Adjustment Layers Layer Effects - working with layer Effects - Masking Layers


Creating Type Type Tool Moving the text Creating paragraph type Resizing a bounding box Changing the Type Setting - Font - Colour - Changing the Orientation of Type Converting Point type to paragraph Type - Warping Type - Styles Converting Type Layers to Standard Layers Type Masking


The Filter Menu Filter Gallery Extract Filter Liquefy Filter Vanishing Point filter Artistic Filters - Cutout - Neon Glow Blur Filters - Gaussian Blur - Motion Blur - Surface Blur - Shape Blur - Box Blur Brush Stroke Filters - Accented Edges - Crosshatch Distort Filters - Glass - Pinch - Lens Correction Noise filters - Add Noise - Dust & Scratches Pixelate Filter - Crystallize - Mezzotint Lighting Effects Difference Clouds Sharpen Filters - Sharpen and sharpen more - Sharpen Edges Sketch Filters Stylize Filters Other Filters

Printing and Customization

Import - Scanning Images through Photoshop Export - Export Paths to Adobe Illustrator Automate - Web Photo Gallery Printing - Page setup - Various Print commands in Photoshop Customize Workspace Creating an Action

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Pagemaker(r) 7: The Complete Reference by Carolyn Connally
  2. CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed, Foster D. Coburn III
  3. The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers,Scott Kelby