Office Application Tools
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To equip Student with knowledge of working in MS Office tools.


Office 2007

Introduction, Background, New features at a Glance, User interface, Office Button, Contextual tabs, Tool bars, Super Tool tips, Quick Access Toolbar, Zoom slider, Smart Art, File format, User Assistance, Outlook, Publisher, Info path, Visio, Share point Designer, Server Components.


Introduction, Creating document, parts of Word windows, Mouse operations, Keyboard operations, Individual Key, Things to avoid, Formatting Features, Menus, Commands, Toolbars and their icons, Entering text, text in text box, changing font & font size, Alternative method, aligning the text, italicizing, bold text, numbering, bullets, spelling, print preview, Print, Document opening/saving/closing. Creating Template, creating tables, Inserting rows/columns, merging column/rows, moving table, drawing table, text box, formatting, picture insert, formatting a picture, formatting text. Mail Merge – Creating main document, creating data source, adding fields, removing fields, using address books, Creating a Mail Merge Document, Merging the Main Document with Data, Sending the Merged Document to the Printer, Saving the Main Document, Modifying records in the Data Source, Adding a New Record, Changing an Existing Record, Deleting an Existing Record, Closing the Main Document Macros - Introduction, Inserting header and Footer, inserting Current date, time and page numbers, etc.


Introduction, Navigation, Selecting Cells, Entering & editing Text, Entering umber, Entering Formulae, Entering Daters, Alignment, Menus, Command and Toolbars, Standard Toolbar, Formatting toolbar. Opening workbook, column width, series fill, entering formulas, copying and pasting the formula, summation, formatting cells, Currency notation, Centering , changing Font & Size, Column AutoFit, Inserting header & footers, page Setup, saving file, Data Sort – Data filters, Auto Filters, Valid Criteria, invalid Criteria, and Redundant Criteria etc. Functions - ROUND, SQRT, AVERAGE, AX, MIN, COUNT, SUM, IF, SUMIF, ABS, UPPER, LOWER TODAY, NOW, etc. Simple Graphs - Opening Excel and Entering Data, Drawing a Graph, Naming the Sheet, Saving the Workbook, Printing and Closing a Graphic Thee, Opening the Saved Graphic sheet


Introduction, Navigation in PowerPoint, Creating a New Presentation, Opening a Presentation, Creating a New Slide, Deleting a Slide, Copying a Slide, Numbering the Slides, Saving a presentation, changing the default directory, Auto Save, Printing a presentation

Suggested Readings: 
  1. MS Office 2003/ 2007 by Vikas Publication
  2. MS Office by Sanjay Saxena,Vikas publication