Java Programming
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

To equip student with knowledge of Basic Java Programming and creating program in Java.



Java How JAVA works. Java Script and java.

Basics in Java Script

Data types. Variable declaration. Operaters. Control statements:- IF statement. Nested IF statement Ledder IF statement. Switch. Arrays.

Object Oriented programming

Introduction to JAVA, Java OOP, Ojects and Classes, Characteristics of OOP, Difference between OOP and Procedure Oriented Programming.

Introduction to Java Programming

Introduction Features of java, Comparing Java and Other Languages, Applications and Aplets, Java Development Kit, More Complex Programs, Java Source File Structure, Prerequisites for compliling and running Java programme.

Java Language Fundamentals

The building blocks of Java, Data types, Variable declarations, Wrapper Classes, Operators and assignment, Control Structures, Arrays, Strings, The StringBuffer class

Suggested Readings: 
  1. The JAVA Complete Reference,Herbert schildt,TMH
  2. Java Book by Wrox publication