Introduction to Software Engineering Concept
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

To equip student with knowledge of Software engineering concept.


Catalogue Description

Definition, Phase. Definition of Software Engineering. Goals of Software Engineering, life cycle, Prototyping, A Generic view of software Engineering, system requirements analysis, preliminary software planning, Software requirements.

Detailed Catalogue Description

DEVELOPMENT PHASE Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Organization for software development. MAINTENANCE PHASE Software Engineering, Maintenance. STRUCTURED CODING Importance of structure, Structured coding, code format.

Software Engineering For Small Projects

Nature of small projects, small project definition, small project development, small project maintenance, Fundamentals of Software Engineering Economics, Software cost estimation methods and Procedures.

Management Issues

An Organizational framework, software project failure, software engineering, education, how to establish software engineering.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Software engineering ,Ian Sommerville,Pearson edu
  2. Software engineering,R.S.Pressman,TMH