Advertising and Sales Promotion
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

This course aims at providing the students the understanding of advertising and sales promotion techniques for their effective application.


Introduction to Advertising: Advertising Classification, Functions and Benefits, Economic, Social and Ethical Issues, Client and Advertising Agency; Marketing Communications: Source, Message and Medium Factors, Consumer Behaviour Perspective, Advertising Response Process, Attention, Comprehension and Recall; Segmentation and Positioning: Brand Awareness, Brand Attitudes and Feelings, Brand Equity, Image and Personality, Advertising Objectives and Budget Allocation; Media Planning and Strategy: Media Evaluation, Support Media, The Internet; Creative Strategy-Planning and Development: Creative Strategy-Execution and Evaluation, Planning Advertising Campaign, Advertising Research; Sales Promotion: Sales Promotion and Consumer Behaviour, Sales Promotion Objectives and Budgeting, Sales Promotion Design Issues, Planning Guidelines and Evaluation; Sales Promotion Tools and Techniques

Suggested Readings: 
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