Tourism Development: Products, Operations, and Case studies
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To disseminate information to the learners regarding tourism products, guest-hosts relationship and an in-depth study is ensured with case studies.


Block 01 Understanding Tourists and Hosts

Unit 1 Profiling Foreign Tourists

Profiling of Tourists, Profile of Foreign Tourists, 1988-89 Survey Highlights, Habits, Hobbies, World Tourist Flows,

Unit 2 Profiling Domestic Tourists

Profile, National Level, State Level

Unit 3 Guest – Host Relationship

Some basic factors, Guest-Host Interaction, Different Situations, Role of Numbers and Tourist Types, Relevance

Unit 4 Sociology, Anthropology and Tourism

Sociology of Tourism, Methodologies, Anthropology of Tourism

Block 02 Guides and Escorts

Unit 5 Discovering A Town: Guide and the City Tour

Sources of Local Information, Planning the tour, Preparing for the tour, Undertaking the tour

Unit 6 Describing a Monument: Taj Mahal

Facts on Taj Mahal, Genesis of the Scheme and construction, Taj Mahal in History, Anecdotes, Conservation of Taj Mahal

Unit 7 The Mountain Guide: Sherpa

Guide and Path Finder, Sherpas: The People, Evolution into Path Finder, Guide/ Path Finder and Tourist Expectations, Skills required by Guides/ Path Finders, Other Aspects

Unit 8 Journey through a Museum

Understanding a Museum, Journey through a museum, Archaeology section, Art section, Painting section, Natural History section, Educational Activities

Unit 9 Visiting National Park: A Guide’s Perception

Profiling a wildlife tourist, Problems in wild life tourism, Harmonising Nature, Economic benefits- An Agenda

Block: 03 Tourist Sites: Products and Operations- 1

Unit 10 Dance and Music: The Khajuraho Festival

Introduction, Dance and Music: Marketing a Tourism Product, Khajuraho: Destination characteristics and Primary attaraction, The Khajuraho Festival: Creating a secondary attraction, Achievements and the failures of the festival

Unit 11 The Business City: Bombay

Location, climate and Geography, General set-up, Accessibility and local transport, Business set-up’s of Bombay, Tourist attractions of Bombay, Accommodation for Visitors

Unit 12 Cuisines, Customs, Festivals and Fairs

An Overview, Cuisine, Customs, Festivals and Fairs

Block: 04 Tourist Sites: Products and Operations – II

Unit 13 Adventure and Sports

Adventure, sports and tourism, Sports and recreation, Adventure sports, Responsibilities of Tour Operators

Unit 14 Beach and Island Resorts: Kovalam and Lakshadweep

Emergence and growth of resorts, concept of beach and Island Tourism, Kovalam Beach Resort, Lakshadweep islands

Unit 15 Hill Stations of India

Pull factors in Hill Tourism, Linkage effects of Hill Tourism Industry, Representative Hill Resorts

Unit 16 Wild Life: Jim Corbett and Gir National Park

Experiencing wildlife, Network of wildlife reserves, renewing bonds with nature, wildlife attractions, National Parks

Block: 05 Tourist Sites: Products and Operations – III

Unit 17 Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage in History, Pilgrimage and Tourism, Pilgrimage: Case Studies

Unit 18 Festivals

Seasonal Festivals, Cultural Festivals, Tribal Festivals, Festivals, Fairs and Tourism

Unit 19 Ethnic Tourism

Introduction, Concept of Ethnic Tourism, Positive effects, Negatice effects, The role of the Middlemen, Ethnic Tourism in India

Unit 20 Crafts and Folk Art

Craft and Folk Art as Tourism Ingredients, Crafts and Folk art: Propagation and Preservation, Folk Festivals and Craft Fairs

Block: 06 Promotional Skills: Case Studies – I

Unit 21 Festivals of India: A Cultural Construction Abroad

Introduction, Background, Structure, Planning and Organisation, Aims and Relevance, Achievements and Limitations

Unit 22 India Fest

The Idea, Planning, Surveys, Promotion and Publicity, What all was offered, Problems, Achievements

Unit 23 Kalinga Bali Yatra

Kalinga- Bali Yatra- objectives, detailed plan, the Voyage, Other Cultural Activities, Publicity, Evaluation

Unit 24 Palace on Wheels

Genesis of the project, Setting up the project, Project Performance, The Package, Promotion, Organizational set up

Block: 07 Promotional Skills: Case Studies – II

Unit 25 PATA: A Study of Travel Mart

PATA: The origin and Structure, PATA: Travel Mart, PATA Marketing Conference, Impact on Indian Tourism

Unit 26 Marketing Overseas: Tourism Department, Government of India

Operation U.K, Operation Europe, Other Operations

Unit 27 State Government Tourism Promotional Plans: A case study of Maharashtra

Maharashtra: A tourist destination, Tourism in Maharashtra, Policy for Tourism Development, Implementation of the Policy

Block: 08 Learning From Others

Unit 28 SITA

Emergence and History, Growth Study, Organizational Structure, Recruitment and Training of staff, Operational Profile, Marketing strategy, SITA and the development of Tourism, Challenges faced by SITA

Unit 29 Air India

Organization, Areas of Operations: Routes network, Scheduling of Flights and Operations, Capital, Finance and Profits, Tourism Promotion

Unit 30 Highway Services: Haryana Tourism

Highway services- A Retrospect, Highways through Haryana, Services on Highways, Diversification

Unit 31 The Heritage Hotels

History of Heritage Hotels, Details of the scheme, Heritage Hotels Association, An appraisal of the scheme

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Tourism in India, Dharamrajan and seth
  2. Joan Erdman (ed.), Arts Patronage in India
  3. National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum, Jyotindra Jain & Aarti aggarwala
  4. The mother goddess Kamakhya, B ani Kant Kakati, Guwahati
  5. The wonder that was India, A.L.Basham 
  6. Tourism development in India, Suhita Chopra
  7. Corbett National Park, Ramesh: Bedi
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  9. The Professional Guide, Kathleen Lingle Pond
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