Management in Tourism
Year / Semester: 
3rd Year

To acquaint learners with the management concepts and invoking entrepreneurial competencies.


BLOCK 1 Understanding Entrepreneurship and Management

Unit 1 Management: Concept and Functions:

Objectives, Introduction, Management Concept, Understanding Management, Management: Levels and Skills, Managers: Roles, Tasks and Responsibilities, Management Functions

Unit 2 Entrepreneurship: Concept and Functions:

Objectives, Introduction, Entrepreneurial Qualities, Entrepreneurial Process, Identifying the Opportunity, Assessing the Market, Resource Mobilization, Other Considerations

Unit 3 Corporate Forms in Tourism:

Objectives, Introduction, Service, Market and Industry, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, The Company, Other Forms of Organizations

Unit 4 Management issues in Tourism:

Objectives, Introduction, Tourism Services, Some Management : Issues: Human Resource Training and Development, Destination Planning and Management, Changing Expectations and Tastes, Linkages, Product Improvement, Role of Technology, Understanding the Market, Social Responsibility, Crisis Management

BLOCK 2 Understanding Organizational Theories

Unit 5 Understanding Organizations:

Objectives, Introduction, Organizations, Organizational Structure, Components of Organization Structure, Classification of Organization Structures, Organizational Culture

Unit 6 Planning and Decision Making :

Objectives, Introduction, Planning: Definition and Features, Types of Plans, Planning Skills, Steps in Planning, Decision Making, Steps in Decision Making

Unit 7 Organizing :

Objectives, Introduction, Organizing, Division of Work, Departmentalization, Spans of Control, Delegation of Authority, Co-ordination

Unit 8 Monitoring and Controlling :

Objectives, Introduction, Control: Definition and Need, Types of Control, Steps in the Control Process, Effective Control Techniques, Implications of Control

BLOCK 3 Organizational Behaviour Issues

Unit 9 Small Group Behavior:

Objectives, Introduction, Categorization of Groups, Small Group: Characteristics, Formation of Groups, Small Groups Influences on Behavior, Small Groups Internal Operations, Leadership in a Small Group, Interaction Within the Group

Unit 10 Inter Personal Behavior:

Objectives, Introduction, Analysis of Self Awareness, Ego States, Life Positions, Ways to Deal with Conflicts

Unit 11 Inter Group Behavior:

Objectives, Introduction, Nature of Groups, Understanding Inter-Group Behavior, Coordination- The Key to Inter-Group Performance, Managing Inter-Group Relations, Group Performance

Unit 12 Supervisory Behavior:

Objectives, Introduction, Importance of First Line Management, Effective Supervision: Some Skills – Handling People, Leadership, Communication, Problems Faced by Supervisors

BLOCK 4 Management Functions

Unit 13 Human Resource Management:

Objectives, Introduction, Human Resource Management in Tourism, Diversity in Industry, Human Resource Planning

Unit 14 Financial Management:

Objectives, Introduction, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Raising Funds, Managing Costs, Budgeting

Unit 15 Operations Management:

Objectives, Introduction, Operations Management: Definition and Relevance, Designing Operation Systems, Operation Planning and Control Decisions

Unit 16 Marketing Management:

Objectives, Introduction, Defining Marketing Management, Identifying Markets, Marketing Mix and Strategy, Marketing Organization, Marketing Research

Unit 17 Information Technology and Management:

Objectives, Introduction, Managerial Roles, Role of Information in Tourism, Information Management, Information Technology, Communication in Tourism

BLOCK 5 Managing Financial Operations

Unit 18 Understanding P & L Statements:

Objectives, Introduction, Meaning of Profit and Loss Account, Measurement of Income, Relation Between Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet, Some Important Terms, Preparation of Profit and Loss Account

Unit 19 Understanding Balance Sheet:

Objectives, Introduction, Balance Sheet, Basic Concepts, Forms of Balance Sheet, Forms of Balance Sheet, Structure of Balance Sheet, Analysis of Balance Sheet,

Unit 20 Profitability Analysis:

Objectives, Introduction, Cost Volume Profit Analysis, Break Even Point, Break Even Chart, Profit – Volume Ratio, Margin of Safety, Cost Volume Profit Analysis for a Multi Product Firm, Utility of Break Even Analysis

Unit 21 Project Formulation and Appraisal:

Objectives, Introduction, Search for Project Ideas, Screening of Project Ideas, Formulation of the Projects: Project Report, Technical Feasibility, Marketing Feasibility, Financial Feasibility, Economic Feasibility, Techniques of Appraisal

BLOCK 6 Managerial Practices in Tourism -1

Unit 22 Tour Operators :

Objectives, Introduction, Setting up a Tour Operator Company, Product Knowledge and Packaging, Costing a Tour Package, Preparing Vouchers, Caring for Customers, Business Correspondence, Briefings, Organizing Pick-Up, Transfers and Hotel Check-In, Other Important Issues

Unit 23 Travel Agencies:

Objectives, Introduction, Travel Agency, Management Tasks, Setting up a Travel Agency, Language, Terms and Abbreviations, Operations Management, Finances, Marketing

Unit 24 Hotels:

Objectives, Introduction, Some Basic Issues, Planning, Organization, Directing and Control, Finance, Marketing, Front Office and Reservations, Guest Services, Food and Beverage, Hotels and Tourism

Unit 25 Public Relations:

Objectives, Introduction, Role of PR, Functions of PR, PR in Tourism Marketing / Publicity, Interface with Other Disciplines, Informational Need, Challenges for PR in Indian Tourism

BLOCK 7 Managerial Practices in Tourism -2

Unit 26 Food Services:

Objectives, Introduction, Profile of Food Service Industry, Handicaps and Misconceptions, Success Requirements, Menu, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Food Service Hygiene, Computers in Food Service Operation Marketing

Unit 27 Tourist Transport:

Objectives, Introduction, Planning, Organization, Marketing, Forecasting, Issues in Transport Management, Transport and Environment, Consumer Protection

Unit 28 Airlines:

Objectives, Introduction, Planning, Organisation, Financial Structuring, Scheduling and Operations, Marketing and Sales, Contemporary Challenges

Unit 29 Airports:

Objectives, Introduction, Functions of Airport, Issues in Airport Management, Problematic Areas in Airport Management, Improving Finanacial Performance, Monitoring Performance, Other Key Issues

BLOCK 8 Convention Promotions and Management

Unit 30 Convention Industry:

Objectives, Introduction, The Business Traveller, Some Definitions, The Convention Business, Convention Customers, Convention Marketing

Unit 31 Planning Conventions:

Objectives, Introduction, Organiser’s Planning, Organiser’s Budgeting, Supplier’s Planning, Trade Fairs and Shows

Unit 32 Management and Implementation of Conventions:

Objectives, Introduction, Steering Committee and Secretariat Operations, Managing Through Various Committees, Post Conference Tasks, Implementation: The Suppliers Operations

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