Tourism Marketing
Year / Semester: 
3rd Year

To disseminate knowledge regarding the concepts of marketing and develop knack for the dynamic marketing activities.


Block – 1 Understanding Tourism Market

Unit 1 Introduction to Tourism Marketing – Approaches, Relevance and Role:

Objectives, Introduction, Marketing: Definition and Concepts, Features of Tourism Marketing, Marketing Organisations and Managers, Marketing Planning

Unit 2 Market Segmentation:

Objectives, Introduction, Segmentation Theory, Market Segmentation: Approaches, Major Variables, Other Determinants

Unit 3 Tourism Markets: International and Domestic:

Objectives, Introduction, Foreign Tourism Markets, Case Study, Intra-Regional, Domestic Markets

Block – 2 Market Analyses

Unit 4 Market Research:

Objectives, Introduction, Marketing Research, Scope for Research, Sources of Information, Designing a Market Research, Market Surveys, Questionnaires or Instruments, Persons to Interviews, Interpretation

Unit 5 Competitive Analysis and Strategies:

Objectives, Introduction, Competitive Analysis, Direct Versus Indirect Competition, Monopolistic or Oligopolistic Competition, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Strategic Options, Strategic Options and Competitors

Unit 6 Forecasting for Tourism and its Products:

Objectives, Introduction, Forecasting for Tourism, Factors which Influence Tourism, Different Methods of Forecasting, Applications in Tourism

Unit 7 Role of Technology in Tourism Marketing:

Objectives, Introduction, Implications of Technology, Reservations, Information, The Experience, Communications

Block – 3 Development Role of Marketing

Unit 8 Role of Public Organisations:

Objectives, Introduction, Tourism Marketing: The Developmental Role, Role of Public Organisations, An Assessment

Unit 9 Role of Local Bodies:

Objectives, Introduction, Destination Planning, Marketing Role, Case Study of Dilli Hat

Unit 10 Role of NGO’s:

Objectives, Introduction, State Structure, Social Change and NGOs, NGO’s Intervention in Tourism, NGO’s Role in Tourism Awareness, NGO’s Role at the Destination

Unit 11 Socially Responsible Marketing:

Objectives, Introduction, Marketing, Socially Responsible Marketing, A Socially Responsible Marketing Model, Importance of the Promotion Mix, Some Concepts Critical to Socially Responsible Marketing, Agencies Involved in Responsible Tourism

Unit 12 Social Marketing:

Objectives, Introduction, Marketing Tools in Responsible Marketing, Environment Friendly Marketing Strategies, Conservation, Rehabilitation, Cultural Heritage Tourism, Eco-Tourism

Block – 4 Marketing Mix

Unit 13 Product Designing:

Objectives, Introduction, Defining Product, Developing a Product, Devising Product in Tourism, Product Positioning, Product Life Cycle

Unit 14 Pricing Strategies:

Objectives, Introduction, Understanding Value, Understanding Costs, Costs: The Internal Influence on Prices, Prices and Demand, Pricing Objectives, Price Setting in Practice, Discounting Tactics in Tourism Pricing, Other Influences on Pricing

Unit 15 Promotion Strategies:

Objectives, Introduction, Promotion as Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Promotional Strategy, Promotional Budget, Key Aspects of Promotional Campaigns

Unit 16 Distribution Strategies:

Objectives, Introduction, Defining Distribution, Distribution Strategy, Distribution Channels, Intermediaries in Travel and Tourism Industry, Selection of Channels and Intermediaries

Unit 17 The Fifth P: People, Process and Physical Evidence:

Objectives, Introduction, Why Do We Need a Fifth P? Tourism Industry and People, Process in the Tourism Industry, Tourism Industry and Physical Evidence, Some C’s, Use of Fifth P in Designing Marketing Strategies

Block – 5 Marketing Mix: Specific Situations

Unit 18 Familiarization Tours:

Objectives, Introduction, Fam Tours: The Purpose, Who is to be Invited? Partners, Itineraries and Organization

Unit 19 Seasonal Marketing:

Objectives, Introduction, Seasonality in Tourism, Alternatives-1, Alternatives-2

Unit 20 Tourism Fairs and Travel Markets:

Objectives, Introduction, Trade Fairs and Travel Marts, To Name a Few, The Critique, Festivals

Block – 6 Destination Marketing

Unit 21 Regions, Cities, Leisure Spots:

Objectives, Introduction, Issues, Critique, Alternatives, Linkages

Unit 22 Events, Activities, Individuals:

Objectives, Introduction, The Marketing Approach, Marketing Mix, Alternative Approach Marketing, Individual as a Product

Unit 23 Shopping, Education and Culture:

Objectives, Introduction, Shopping, Education, Culture, Alternative Approach

Unit 24 Marketing Local Foods:

Objectives, Introduction, Flavours of India, Cuisine Outlets, Outdoor Catering and Feasts, Food Festivals, Marketing

Block – 7 Accommodation Marketing

Unit 25 Star Category Hotels:

Objectives, Introduction, Accommodation Marketing, Marketing Activity Concepts, Demand Levels and Marketing Tasks, Formulating Marketing Strategy, Challenges and Problems

Unit 26 Alternate Accommodation:

Objectives, Introduction, What is Alternative Accommodation? Forms of Alternative Accommodation, Alternative Accommodation and Sustainability, Marketing Considerations

Unit 27 Supplementary Accommodation:

Objectives, Introduction, Defining Supplementary Accommodation, Motels, Youth Hostels / Yatri Niwas, Caravans, Camping Grounds and Tourist Camps, Railway / Airport Retiring Rooms, Travellers Lodges / Boarding Houses, Hotel Garni and Condominiums, Paying Guest Accommodation

Unit 28 Linkages in the Trade:

Objectives, Introduction, Constituents, Interdependence, Business Relations, Joint Promotion, Joint Action

Block – 8 Transport and Travel Services Marketing

Unit 29 Air Lines Marketing:

Objectives, Introduction, Understanding Airlines Market, Marketing Planning, Marketing Effectiveness, Scheduling, Pricing, Distributing the Product, The Promotional Mix

Unit 30 Tourist Transport Marketing:

Objectives, Introduction, The Tourist Transport Market, Target Markets, Product Design and Development, Quality and Operation Controls, Linkages, Promotion and Sales

Unit 31 Travel Agency Marketing:

Objectives, Introduction, Travel Agency Product, Commissions and Discounts, Promotion and Sales, Role of Technology

Unit 32 Tour Operators Marketing:

Objectives, Introduction, Tour Operators: A Recap, Market Analysis, Issues in Decision Making, Issues in Product Design, Distribution and Promotion, The Role of Brochures,

Suggested Readings: 
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  2. Khan, Olsen Var (ed), VNR’s Encyclopedia of Hospitality and Tourism, New York
  3. Philip Kotler, Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations, New Jersey
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